The Sevilleta Field Station provides meeting and housing space for a variety of workshops, conferences, and retreats related to the mission of the Sevilleta NWR, ecological research and education.  

There is a conference building that has a 1220 sq. ft. conference room, complete with tables and chairs.  This conference room also includes a full size functional, supply-stocked kitchen and an adjacent patio.  There are also 3 smaller break out rooms.

                                      Old Conference Room                            patio

In a separate building, there is another 2100 sq. ft. classroom and library with collections of books and journals on ecology, geology, climatology, and soils.

                                      library conference                            library

The newest addition to the Sevilleta Field Station, the Sevilleta Education and Research Facility (SERF), was completed in 2008 and also contains a 1179 sq. ft. conference room equipped with table and chairs.  SERF also provides a 1508 sq. ft. dining room that could also be used as conference space.   There is a 947 sq. ft/ computer lab that contains 20 computers for conference use. 

serf conference           serf dining             serf computer

  Those interested in using the facilities should contact us.