Research and Teaching. The Sevilleta Education and Research Facility (SERF) contains approximately 20,000 square feet and houses four laboratories for research and training in areas ranging from molecular ecology and evolution to animal and plant physiological ecology and systematics. The building contains a large conference room (capacity 80-100), a second room that doubles as a dining and conference room, a suite of three rooms for specimen handling and collections, and support rooms. It also houses a multipurpose computer research and training laboratory and growth chambers for plant, microbial and animal research.

SERF images

In addition to SERF, the Field Station has the following resources for teaching, research and conferences: A 1220 square-foot conference room in the dorm; a 2,100 square-foot classroom and library with collections of books and journals on ecology, geology, climatology, and soils; a 1,500 square-foot laboratory that is used for plant studies and as a staging area for construction and configuration of small equipment items employed in field studies; and a 1,200 square-foot storage building for research equipment, supplies and tools.